Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Impeachment Town Hall Meeting

We are working on organizing a town meeting about impeachment (possibly also on the Iraq War) as part of a national call by the After Downing Street Coalition (www.afterdowningstreet.org). They want the meetings to be held January 7th if possible, but I don't know if we can organize something that quickly. It will be in Durham or Chapel Hill (I haven't heard of anyone working on this already) and we plan to invite Price. Leave a comment or email us if you have ideas for where to hold the event, when, and what the format should be. Later in the week we might have a more concrete plan to announce.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Reportback from the Meeting

Thursday, December 15 at about 4:30 3 of us (more had planned to come, but it must have been at a bad time) met with Rep. David Price's Chapel Hill staffperson David Russell and District Director Rose Auman (who did most of the talking for her side). We started late but were given 30-45 minutes to talk (!).

We are on the waitlist for a January meeting. What time works for people who want to come and should we change our plan (see October meeting notes)?

We introduced ourselves and presented the petition and explained where it was circulated. We thanked them for Price's support for Conyers' DSM letter, Price's co-sponsorship of Kucinich's White House Iraq Group Resolution (which failed in early November), and other work in Congress.

The conversation shifted to Iraq and we said as> individuals that we think Congress is moving too slowly to end the occupation of Iraq, after going to war for the wrong reasons.

Back to the petitions, Rose read from a sample> letter> on impeachment. They seem to have read the DSM, or some of them. The letter summarizes the situation, including the quote about fixing facts for war and it summarizes the Conyers letter. Then it focuses on the future - that the Iraq War was planned badly and without enough support and so now we need a "realistic plan" to develop "Iraqi security forces" and "international cooperation," to end the occupation someday. The main statements are that Price "understands" our concerns about Bush, but believes "the available evidence of his actions to date" don't "fit the constitutional definition of an impeachable offense." He thinks resorting to impeachment hastily, even if he "vehemently" opposes many Bush policies, is "too dangerous and unpredictable [a] path." He opposed impeaching Clinton for the same reason. He asks readers to "stay in touch with me regarding your perspective" and he "will continue to fight the misguided policies of the Bush Administration."

I went in to more detail about the DSM, mentioning the After Downing Street Coalition's talking points: that the War was planned before Bush claimed to be trying to proceed diplomatically, that letting Bush move money appropriated by Congress to bombing Iraq to provoke a cause for war is unconstitutional and on the road to tyranny, that lying to Congress is a felony, etc. Then I pointed out the poll results showing that growing numbers of Americans think Bush lied and that growing numbers, 50% as of October, thought Bush should be impeached if he did lie for war. We emphasized that we are not as far from the public pulse as it might seem from the media and that this is about more than partisanship. I noted that President Ford gave a looser definition of an impeachable offense.

Later we talked about what could be done on the Barbara Lee Resolution, which was slightly bipartisan and almost succeeded (I should have emphasized that more), etc. It could be resurrected by a large vote in the House, but that was considered unlikely. They don't think Price can talk to Senators about the Senate Intelligence Committee report, since we don't have a Democratic senator. I emphasized that if Price can't (yet) support impeachment, what about possibly bipartisan fact finding, which could even exonerate Bush somehow. We didn't press them on this, but I think we should find out why Price didn't support Lee's Resolution and if he can do anything.

They were given a blank petition (so they might read this blog now), old and new talking points from afterdowningstreet.org, the Bonifaz memo to Conyers, and another DSM summary from that site.

At the October meeting we decided not to focus on war crimes and other impeachable crimes (such as charges by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and the National Lawyers' Guild) - should we change this, since Price thinks impeachment is not warranted, or would that decrease his attention to us? I think we should not give up if Price repeats what his aides said, but what should our next step be? There might be another meeting before we meet with Price, on the petition or on a general lobbying strategy.

Triangle Free Press decided not to carry an article about the meeting next month but we are trying to get letters published in the Independent Weekly and other local papers. There has already been one letter in the Durham Herald-Sun (in late October). Thanks to a notice in the Independent, there have been several more signatures to the petition online (and maybe on paper as well) and interest in joining the campaign. It would be good to keep up the pressure by individually contacting Price and writing to newspapers. Would a press release be useful in the future?

We will probably advertise the next meeting online.

Do people have suggestions about strategy? The revelation of NSA spying on citizens strengthens our case, as does the bipartisan outrage. What can we do about this?

Let's build a movement for impeachment!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meeting Thursday, December 15th, at 4:30 in Chape Hill

We have a meeting scheduled with Price's Chapel Hill office staffperson, David Russell. The meeting will be Thursday, December 15 at 4:30, unless there is a last minute change. We plan to meet outside at about 4:10 for last minute planning. Below is the office address and phone number. There is supposed to be ample free parking there.

What the steering group planned on bringing and what we will say is one the blog below (or contact michael_pollock at yahoo). We probably won't hand over the petitions at this meeting. Let me know if you want to receive steering committee emails.

There is also a Moveon.org meeting at Price's office in Durham Wednesday at I think 11 am about ending the Iraq occupation.

There are now current petitions at The Peoples Channel office on Elliot Rd. in Chapel Hill and at The Know Bookstore on Fayetteville St. in Durham.

I hope to see some of you Thursday!

David Russell
88 Vilcom Center, Suite 140
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
919.967.8324 fax

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A two meeting strategy?

I still haven't heard back from everyone on the sort of steering committee set up in October, but most people I have talked to seem to be willing to meet with Chapel Hill staffperson Dave Russell since Representative Price won't be available soon. I am trying to set up a meeting and we can try to meet with Price later on. I think we should save the petitions for a meeting with Price, unless we expect to get a lot more between the two meetings.

Publicizing the campaign in newspapers would help gather signatures, as well as leaving petitions at friendly locations. I wrote a letter to the Durham Herald-Sun before the October 27th meeting we had, but I haven't sent anything to other local newspapers. I've already sent emails to several local listserves. The petition is online at http://www.petitiononline.com/dsmnc/petition.html and the campaign blog is http://downingstreetactionnc.blogspot.com. Current versions of the petition should be at Internationalist Books and The Peoples Channel in Chapel Hill and at theDurham Food Co-op. I will probably leave new copies at The Know Bookstore in Durham soon. When I'm at the Monday and Friday peace vigils in Chapel Hill I have the petition available. I see the campaign as being about the useof pre-War intelligence and the conduct of the War,especially as revealed in the DSM, and whether these,or other potential crimes, would be reason to impeach Bush and others.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Price meeting plan, from the strategy meeting

1. These are some of the notes from the meeting Thursday. Should I tell Price's staff about this blog? The blog's settings might be better now, we'll see if this post keeps its paragragh breaks when I post it (I numbered everything in case it isn't corrected).

2. We decided to try to meet with Price on a Monday in mid-November (the 14th or the 21st, and I think the 21st worked for most people). I've heard since then that Price might be booked until the 21st anyway. We were going to meet at the Durham or Chapel Hill office, and I think Chapel Hill worked for most people. I called the Raleigh office Friday and the staffer I spoke to said to send an email, which I did over the weekend. I'll probably call tomorrow to mske sure they received it.

3. We wanted to allow time to collect more signatures. I'll check to see if I overlooked a sheet. The petitions all have the same opening lines, but the older ones talk about theBarbara Lee Resolution and the newer ones talk about a Senate action. I can send out an electronic copy of the petition if anyone needs to print copies. It is online at www.petitiononline.com/dsmnc.petition.html. It was suggested that we check the petitions for people who aren't in Price's district.

4. We decided to limit what documents we take and we plan to present one set of documents (the petition, all 8 Downing Street documents, along with a summary, original or possibly from slate.com, and John Bonifaz's impeachment argument from www.afterdowningstreet.com). We also planned to outline what is going on in Congress on this issue, possible on paper, and also to list who is on the committees dealing with these Resolutions (I'm not sure if that was just for Senate committees or for both). We might send the Downing Street documents by mail beforehand.

5. We want to have a mix or mostly people Price hasn't spoken to before. I would probably speak first and then other people who want to talk. It was stressed that we need to be positive with Price and give him time to talk. It will probably be a short meeting (15 or 20 minutes).

6. We want to ask what can be done despite the failure of the Lee Resolution and what he thinks about these issues and what is going on in Congress.

7. I'm not sure if everyone was there when we talked about what we hope to get from this. I wanted Price to listen to us and to the evidence and to make commitments we could hold him to; I think other people thought we could only hope for an open hearing.

8. We didn't talk much about what specifically people might want to say, our future plans, and what to call the group. (NC) Downing Street Action (or DSA NC) wassuggested.

9. Before when I've thought about this I was thinking of something mentioning constitutional government or something like that, to be broad based. I thought of that more as a coalition than as a committee though.

10. November 2nd is an anti-Bush day of action (www.worldcantwait.org), but we didn't talk about that and it is next Wednesday. I think I suggested an impeachment rally as something to do in the future, not necessarily in a way that would attack Price for not supporting impeachment, if we want to be supportive.

11. Blog for updates and discussion: downingstreetactionnc.blogspot.com.

12. Let me know if I forgot anything important.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Proposals for the Meeting

Thursay we need to discuss who wants to meet with Price, when and where to request the meeting, what to bring, what specifically we want, and our next steps. I have a few ideas about what documents to present with the petition and what we want. Also, if people are interested it was suggested that thids could tie in with a national day of action against the Bush Administration November 2nd (see www.worldcantwait.org). I had been thinking of it as an anti-war day of action.

1. Documents I suggest including are Ramsey Clark's articles on the grounds for impeachment and the history of impeachment attempts (available at www.votetoimpeach.org) and the National Lawyers' Guild articles of impeachment (I think the most recent NLG resolution is the one available at www.nlg.org/members/2002_resolutions.htm). We should discuss whether to talk about other Iraq War intelligence investigations in Congress, the Plame investigation, etc. I think the argument for impeachment goes far beyond just what is in the DSM, and it strengthens our case to include them. We could include my article on impeachment, posted here earlier (but missing the paragraph spaces) if it would be a useful summary. In meetings with Congress members it is probably usual to minimize the amount of materials given to prove a point, but I think we should be open to whatever people want to present themselves, in addition to the group's documents.

2. For our goals, I think that at the least we want Price to say that he supports investigation of the DSM, will look into concrete ways to do this, and is open to joining a future impeachment effort in Congress. The best result would be if Price says he will actively push for impeachment immediately, but that is very unlikely. Depending on what you think, we could also ask him to support Dennis Kucinich's Resolution of Inquiry into the White House Iraq Group, lobby a certain Senate intelligence committee to finish its Iraq War intelligence report (see www.truthempowered.org), which is included in the current version of the petition, and act on other Iraq War planning and intelligence related Resolutions or bills in Congress. We should also press him on why he didn't support the Barbara Lee Resolution, which I have heard he is being evasive on.

/ I've noticed that the paragraphs are missing from my posts for some reason - I will look for a settings problem and sometime I will get to trying to add links. Let me know if you have ideas for the blog or want to be an administrator.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

next meeting set for Thursday, October 27th

The meeting to discuss how to present the petition to Price will be next Thursday, October 27th at 7pm at the Durham Main Library downtown. It will be in the Auditorium to your right at the main entrance (by the parking lot). We should discuss what we will say to Congressman Price, what other materials to bring, who wants to come and speak, and when we want to schedule it. We could also discuss what to do after this step.

This Sunday at 4pm there will be a meeting on lobbying Price to commit to withdrawing from Iraq. It will be at the Chapel Hill Public Library.

Friday, October 07, 2005

October update

The strategy meeting for the petition presentation to Price will be the evening of October 27th at Durham's Main Library downtown. Hopefully we can meet with Price in early November. I was planning to request a Monday meeting in Chapel Hill or maybe Durham, if possible.

The petition is online at www.petitiononline.com/dsmnc/petition.html.

Since Barbara Lee's Resolution failed, I removed that from the new, third version of the petition and added support for a campaign by www.truthempowered.org. They want the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to finish Phase II of its report on pre-War intelligence inaccuracy. Phase I identified what was wrong and Phase II was supposed to examine how the misleading information was used. This relates to the Downing Street memo that says that intelligence was being "fixed" for war and it will highlight how the Bush administration mislead the public and Congress.

I collected two or three pages of signatures on the two Durham buses to the huge September 24th anti-war demonstration in Washington. They were to be circulated on Chapel Hill's three buses also, but unfortunately the person in charge was rushed and forgot about it.

Should we petition at Durham's Centerfest this weekend?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The DSM and Bush impeachment

This is my argument for linking investigation of the DSM and impeachment (as the petition does). It points out that there was abundant evidence of impeachable Bush crimes prior to the DSM (including Clinton's crimes also, but not those that the Republicans cared about). I also argue that impeaching Bush is possible and becoming more likely. I'm using a version of this at the September 24th anti-war demonstration in Washington, DC.

Bush Impeachment is Necessary and Possible (if we push for it)!

The Constitution gives the people of the United States, through our representatives, the legal power to stop officials who commit criminal or other dangerous acts. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, one of six places in the Constitution mentioning impeachment, says that the President and others can be impeached for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Calls for impeachment or threats of impeachment have been common throughout our history for various reasons. Definitions of impeachable conduct have ranged from only serious felonies to President Ford’s definition of it as being anything the majority of the House of Representatives defines it as.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has called for the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and Attorney General Gonzalez (see www.votetoimpeach.org). The following are some of the charges.

Waging a war of aggression against Iraq in violation of the Constitution, the UN Charter (which is part of the Law of the Land under Article VI, Paragraph 2 of our Constitution), and the rule of law in general. Bombing Iraq to generate a pretext for war (also proven by the Downing Street memos). Violating the sovereignty of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries. Lying to Congress to justify this war. Bribing and coercing individuals and governments to make war. Knowingly allowing attacks on civilians, assassinations, and torture. Preparing and threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Ordering the illegal detention of citizens, in violation of the Constitution and of their human rights, and indefinite detention of non-citizens and foreigners. Refusing to disclose who is being held, and where, including in response to a Congressional request. Refusal to release INS detainees found to be wrongfully held by the judiciary. Spying on confidential attorney-client communications without court order or criminal charges being made. Domestic spying on citizens and groups because of their legal activities. Making racial and religious profiling common government practice.

Seizing the assets of organizations by Executive fiat. Not releasing information necessary for Congressional oversight of the Executive branch. Withdrawing from treaties and agreements without Congressional approval.

In 2003 the National Lawyers Guild charged the Administration with similar impeachable offenses (the detailed war-related charges are online at www.nlg.org/members/2003resolutions/impeachment.pdf). The Green Party, Veterans for Peace, Ralph Nader and others have called for impeaching Bush. According to John C. Bonifaz, a constitutional lawyer, if the Downing Street Memo is true then Bush violated a federal anti-conspiracy law, 18 USC 371 (making it a felony to “defraud” the government), and The False Statements Accountability Act of 1996, 18 USC 1001 (making lying to Congress a felony) in his March 18, 2003 letter to Congress. This letter invoked Congress’ October 2002 Joint Resolution on Iraq (this was when Congress ceded its responsibility for declaration of war), saying that the Resolution’s criteria to justify an attack had been met (which was untrue). According to Take Back the Media! (www.takebackthemedia.com) if Bush lied in his State of the Union speech, which was under oath and an official responsibility to the Congress, he broke the same laws. Others point to the Administration usurping Congress’ control of the Treasury when in late July 2002 it secretly moved $700 million dollars appropriated for Afghan operations to the bombing campaign to provoke Iraq. These charges refer to official acts or constitutional duties, making them serious, as well as having caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction of countries, and the waste of billions of dollars. There are many charges Bush and his partners could be impeached for, Congress just has to have the will.

Bush’s loss of popularity (below 40% approval for the first time according to an AP-Ipsos poll reported September 10th), splitting of the Republican Party over the Administration’s neo-conservative policies, and the outcome of the mid-term Congressional elections could give Congress the will. www.impeachbush.tv points out that a clear case for impeachment will force Congress to either expose itself as ignoring the Constitution or it will have to vote to impeach. The last three Presidents to have a second term were all tried for crimes or threatened with impeachment. Most or all of the Bush Administration can be impeached and any neo-conservatives left would be too exposed and illegitimate to do any major damage.

May 1st the Times of London printed the first of several leaked memos of meetings between British and American officials (see the memos at www.afterdowningstreet.org). Although the corporate media has largely ignored them, these memos show that the Administration planned to attack Iraq long before it claimed to be trying to find a peaceful solution, that it tried to create a pretext for war and that it “fixed” intelligence to argue for aggression. Many have taken this as proof that the Administration knew it was lying in its rationale for the Iraq War. A May 22, 2002 memo says that the Administration could not prove that Iraq was working with al-Qaida or making WMDs, making the Administration’s argument for war before Congress and the UN a deliberate lie. In Britain the leaked memos have created an uproar against Prime Minister Tony Blair.

June 16th Representative John Conyers Jr. (D-MI) held a hearing on the memos and presented a petition with over 540,000 signatures demanding answers from the Administration about the Memos. The questions of Conyers and 115 other members of Congress earlier in May were blown off by the White House as not worth answering.

The next step is for Congress to investigate these allegations and, if they are true, to do its constitutional duty and begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and his Administration. To impeach, the House of Representatives needs to pass a Resolution of Inquiry telling the House Judiciary Committee to look at the charges and see if they are impeachable offenses.

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) submitted a Resolution of Inquiry, House Res. 375, to the House International Relations Committee July 21st, but it is not for impeachment. The Resolution required that the White House and State Department release all documents of communications with the UK between January 1 and October 16, 2002. The purpose was to find any American versions of the Downing Street memos. September 13th the Resolution failed by one vote, with 21 for and 22 against. It had 83 co-sponsors, including a Republican, Rep. Leach, and Republican Rep. Paul voted “present.” There were two absent members, who probably would not have affected the end result. There were no co-sponsors from North Carolina.

Saturday, July 23rd was a national day of action, DSM Day, to call for a Resolution of Inquiry. The call was made by Conyers and the After Downing Street Coalition (www.afterdowningstreet.org). July 23rd is the third anniversary of the meeting between British and American officials, recorded in the so-called Downing Street Minutes, a leaked secret British memo. There were over 350 events across the country, including two in the Triangle and one in Greensboro, and there were large events in New York, Northampton, Detroit, Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles. Congress members such as Conyers (with a national conference call at 4pm), Maxine Waters, Lee, Jim McDermott, and Maurice Hinchley presided over events. C-SPAN refused to cover any of the events, ironically on the grounds that it had received too many calls for coverage.

There was a house party in Raleigh that showed a DVD of the June hearing and protest, with twice the expected turnout. About 42 people came to a town hall meeting at the Community Church of Chapel Hill. A short DVD of the June events was shown, followed by an hour and a half of discussion. Congress members, including Rep. Price, and local officials were invited but did not attend. Along with the DSM and impeachment, subjects like what motivates supporters of the Iraq War, the September 24th anti-war protests in DC, and the recent re-authorization of the PATRIOT Act were brought up.

Organizers hope to build momentum from this meeting. It was suggested that people lobby Price to support a Resolution of Inquiry at house parties he attends and other events. A pre-existing petition to Price based on the After Downing Street Coalition’s demands was circulated. It is also available at the Durham Food Co-op, The Know Book Store, Internationalist Books, the Peoples Channel, and at the Chapel Hill peace vigils. There will probably be a strategy meeting in August or September before it is presented to Price. Price supported Conyers’ letter to Bush, so he might support an investigation. This blog was created and a Greensboro house party created a listserve for North Carolina action (DSMaction@lists.riseup.net).

Afterdowningstreet.org suggests several grassroots actions to take. Representatives should introduce or support a Resolution and thank Conyers for his efforts. Senators should call for a Resolution in the House, sign a letter being circulated by John Kerry, and thank Senator Ted Kennedy for his efforts. On September 24th the Vote to Impeach campaign will hold a protest for impeachment at 11am south of the White House, within the larger anti-war demonstrations. They also plan an email campaign the Monday after.

The war of choice launched by Bush, probably to dominate Iraq out of greed and hegemonic geopolitical reasons, has killed up to 100,000 Iraqis, more than 1800 US soldiers, as well as contractors and soldiers from other nations. It is time for the American people to stand up and stop this. There is also growing support for impeachment. An ABC/Washington Post poll June 23-25 found that 52% of Americans thought Bush lied in the lead up to the Iraq War, nine times more than three months earlier, and 57% believed the claims about WMDs were exaggerated. June 27-29 a Zogby poll found that 42% supported impeachment if Bush lied. Before Clinton’s impeachment hearings in 1998, only 27% of Americans supported the effort (according to www.afterdowningstreet.org).

All progressives should join in the effort to impeach Bush, starting with the petition campaign locally, which can unite all of those campaigning for the rule of law and social justice. A victory in impeachment would be a great success for every progressive movement and even without victory it will weaken the legitimacy of Bush and politicians who refuse to support impeachment.

Monday, September 19, 2005

More on the Resolution of Inquiry

Below is a more detailed article on the Resolution vote.

Downing Street Memos Resolution Fails in Committee

July 21st Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) submitted House Res. 375, a Resolution of Inquiry in the House International Relations Committee requesting that the White House and State Department release all documents of communications with the UK between January 1 and October 16, 2002. The purpose was to find any American versions of Downing Street memos, leaked British documents about Iraq strategy meetings between American and British officials before the War. September 13th the Resolution failed by one vote, with 21 for and 22 against. It had 83 co-sponsors, including a Republican, Rep. Leach, and Republican Rep. Paul voted “present.” There were two absent members, who probably would not have affected the end result. There were no co-sponsors from North Carolina.

There was an hour or more of debate and the vote happened after a long recess. The Resolution was debated along with related Resolutions, including H.Res 419 on the Plame investigation. It was argued that the basis for the War has already been investigated; Lee pointed out that “intelligence use” has not been investigated. Another argument was that the Lee Resolution would not turn up much because the documents would be classified or that it would produce too many documents. Opponents also advocated ignoring the reasons the US is in Iraq. For more information see thomas.loc.gov and www.afterdowningstreet.org.

The local Downing Street memo investigation/Bush impeachment petition will probably be presented to Rep. Price this month, following a community strategy meeting (campaign blog: downingstreetactionnc.blogspot.com). There will probably be announcements in the Independent Weekly and at nc.indymedia.org also. The buses to the anti-war demonstrations in Wshington next Saturday, the 24th, and maybe Durham's Centerfest will be good places to collect signatures.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lee's Resolution of Inquiry Failed By One Vote

The House committee (I can't remember its name) required to vote on Rep. Barbara Lee's (D-CA) Resolution of Inquiry looking for American Downing Street memo-type documents voted it down today. There was a good debate it seems, and it would have passed with one more vote - all of the Democrats on the Committee voted yes, as did one Republican, and another Republican voted "present." The Resolution had 82 co-sponsors. This was a good effort and it had a lot of support, and even bipartisanship. We need to work on impeachment, but that will be even harder for now. Let's have a good showing in DC on the 24th! It looks like we will - there will be multiple buses from Chapel Hill I think, and I would assume from Durham also, and this level of interest is probably mirrored across the country.

On the petition campaign, I want to present it to Price in October and I hope we can get lots of signatures on the Triangle's buses on the 24th. Are there going to be Raleigh buses and does anyone know who's organizing those?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Growing support for Barbara Lee's Resolution

Rep. Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry now has 53 co-sponsors, including a Republican on the International Relations Committee (Leahy I think). The Resolution will be voted up or down between September 6th anbd 16th, if I remember the After Downing Street email correctly. We ne to put pressure on Price, if he hasn't signed on to it yet.

Also, there will be an article about impeachment and the DSM in the next issue of Duke's Thread magazine.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Representatives Price, Coble, Etheridge, and Watt

The Raleigh group has already arranged a meeting with Congressman Miller on August 17 to ask him to co-sponsor Congresswoman Lee's H.Res. 375 for a commission of inquiry into communications with the UK over intelligence before the invasion of Iraq. I hope we can find constituents of other central North Carolina representatives who can set up meetings with their representatives during their vacation - i.e. before Labor Day. I hope we can also find people in Rep. Jones' and Rep. Butterfield's districts. We need to strike while "the iron is hot."

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What do you think?

We discussed having a blog at the town meeting in Chapel Hill and this is what we could use. I think only I can post, but anyone can comment. That could be a problem but I don't know how to make a more open blog. Let me know what you think. I could create a listserve if that would be better (there is also a listserve created in Greensboro we could join).

Rep. Price has a public event on Iraq coming up and that could be a place to lobby him on supporting a Resolution of Inquiry on the Downing Street memos. Another idea I have heard is to read the July 23rd memo at public events (such as the Monday peace vigil in Chapel Hill). I'm planning to circulate the petition I created tonight at the nuclear weapons teach-in at the Chapel Hill Town Hall. The petition is available at Internationalist Books, the Peoples Channel, the Durham Food Co-op, and The Know Book Store. There is an article on our town meeting in the August issue of Triangle Free Press.