Monday, October 31, 2005

Price meeting plan, from the strategy meeting

1. These are some of the notes from the meeting Thursday. Should I tell Price's staff about this blog? The blog's settings might be better now, we'll see if this post keeps its paragragh breaks when I post it (I numbered everything in case it isn't corrected).

2. We decided to try to meet with Price on a Monday in mid-November (the 14th or the 21st, and I think the 21st worked for most people). I've heard since then that Price might be booked until the 21st anyway. We were going to meet at the Durham or Chapel Hill office, and I think Chapel Hill worked for most people. I called the Raleigh office Friday and the staffer I spoke to said to send an email, which I did over the weekend. I'll probably call tomorrow to mske sure they received it.

3. We wanted to allow time to collect more signatures. I'll check to see if I overlooked a sheet. The petitions all have the same opening lines, but the older ones talk about theBarbara Lee Resolution and the newer ones talk about a Senate action. I can send out an electronic copy of the petition if anyone needs to print copies. It is online at It was suggested that we check the petitions for people who aren't in Price's district.

4. We decided to limit what documents we take and we plan to present one set of documents (the petition, all 8 Downing Street documents, along with a summary, original or possibly from, and John Bonifaz's impeachment argument from We also planned to outline what is going on in Congress on this issue, possible on paper, and also to list who is on the committees dealing with these Resolutions (I'm not sure if that was just for Senate committees or for both). We might send the Downing Street documents by mail beforehand.

5. We want to have a mix or mostly people Price hasn't spoken to before. I would probably speak first and then other people who want to talk. It was stressed that we need to be positive with Price and give him time to talk. It will probably be a short meeting (15 or 20 minutes).

6. We want to ask what can be done despite the failure of the Lee Resolution and what he thinks about these issues and what is going on in Congress.

7. I'm not sure if everyone was there when we talked about what we hope to get from this. I wanted Price to listen to us and to the evidence and to make commitments we could hold him to; I think other people thought we could only hope for an open hearing.

8. We didn't talk much about what specifically people might want to say, our future plans, and what to call the group. (NC) Downing Street Action (or DSA NC) wassuggested.

9. Before when I've thought about this I was thinking of something mentioning constitutional government or something like that, to be broad based. I thought of that more as a coalition than as a committee though.

10. November 2nd is an anti-Bush day of action (, but we didn't talk about that and it is next Wednesday. I think I suggested an impeachment rally as something to do in the future, not necessarily in a way that would attack Price for not supporting impeachment, if we want to be supportive.

11. Blog for updates and discussion:

12. Let me know if I forgot anything important.

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