Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Proposals for the Meeting

Thursay we need to discuss who wants to meet with Price, when and where to request the meeting, what to bring, what specifically we want, and our next steps. I have a few ideas about what documents to present with the petition and what we want. Also, if people are interested it was suggested that thids could tie in with a national day of action against the Bush Administration November 2nd (see I had been thinking of it as an anti-war day of action.

1. Documents I suggest including are Ramsey Clark's articles on the grounds for impeachment and the history of impeachment attempts (available at and the National Lawyers' Guild articles of impeachment (I think the most recent NLG resolution is the one available at We should discuss whether to talk about other Iraq War intelligence investigations in Congress, the Plame investigation, etc. I think the argument for impeachment goes far beyond just what is in the DSM, and it strengthens our case to include them. We could include my article on impeachment, posted here earlier (but missing the paragraph spaces) if it would be a useful summary. In meetings with Congress members it is probably usual to minimize the amount of materials given to prove a point, but I think we should be open to whatever people want to present themselves, in addition to the group's documents.

2. For our goals, I think that at the least we want Price to say that he supports investigation of the DSM, will look into concrete ways to do this, and is open to joining a future impeachment effort in Congress. The best result would be if Price says he will actively push for impeachment immediately, but that is very unlikely. Depending on what you think, we could also ask him to support Dennis Kucinich's Resolution of Inquiry into the White House Iraq Group, lobby a certain Senate intelligence committee to finish its Iraq War intelligence report (see, which is included in the current version of the petition, and act on other Iraq War planning and intelligence related Resolutions or bills in Congress. We should also press him on why he didn't support the Barbara Lee Resolution, which I have heard he is being evasive on.

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