Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A two meeting strategy?

I still haven't heard back from everyone on the sort of steering committee set up in October, but most people I have talked to seem to be willing to meet with Chapel Hill staffperson Dave Russell since Representative Price won't be available soon. I am trying to set up a meeting and we can try to meet with Price later on. I think we should save the petitions for a meeting with Price, unless we expect to get a lot more between the two meetings.

Publicizing the campaign in newspapers would help gather signatures, as well as leaving petitions at friendly locations. I wrote a letter to the Durham Herald-Sun before the October 27th meeting we had, but I haven't sent anything to other local newspapers. I've already sent emails to several local listserves. The petition is online at http://www.petitiononline.com/dsmnc/petition.html and the campaign blog is http://downingstreetactionnc.blogspot.com. Current versions of the petition should be at Internationalist Books and The Peoples Channel in Chapel Hill and at theDurham Food Co-op. I will probably leave new copies at The Know Bookstore in Durham soon. When I'm at the Monday and Friday peace vigils in Chapel Hill I have the petition available. I see the campaign as being about the useof pre-War intelligence and the conduct of the War,especially as revealed in the DSM, and whether these,or other potential crimes, would be reason to impeach Bush and others.