Monday, September 19, 2005

More on the Resolution of Inquiry

Below is a more detailed article on the Resolution vote.

Downing Street Memos Resolution Fails in Committee

July 21st Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) submitted House Res. 375, a Resolution of Inquiry in the House International Relations Committee requesting that the White House and State Department release all documents of communications with the UK between January 1 and October 16, 2002. The purpose was to find any American versions of Downing Street memos, leaked British documents about Iraq strategy meetings between American and British officials before the War. September 13th the Resolution failed by one vote, with 21 for and 22 against. It had 83 co-sponsors, including a Republican, Rep. Leach, and Republican Rep. Paul voted “present.” There were two absent members, who probably would not have affected the end result. There were no co-sponsors from North Carolina.

There was an hour or more of debate and the vote happened after a long recess. The Resolution was debated along with related Resolutions, including H.Res 419 on the Plame investigation. It was argued that the basis for the War has already been investigated; Lee pointed out that “intelligence use” has not been investigated. Another argument was that the Lee Resolution would not turn up much because the documents would be classified or that it would produce too many documents. Opponents also advocated ignoring the reasons the US is in Iraq. For more information see and

The local Downing Street memo investigation/Bush impeachment petition will probably be presented to Rep. Price this month, following a community strategy meeting (campaign blog: There will probably be announcements in the Independent Weekly and at also. The buses to the anti-war demonstrations in Wshington next Saturday, the 24th, and maybe Durham's Centerfest will be good places to collect signatures.

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