Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lee's Resolution of Inquiry Failed By One Vote

The House committee (I can't remember its name) required to vote on Rep. Barbara Lee's (D-CA) Resolution of Inquiry looking for American Downing Street memo-type documents voted it down today. There was a good debate it seems, and it would have passed with one more vote - all of the Democrats on the Committee voted yes, as did one Republican, and another Republican voted "present." The Resolution had 82 co-sponsors. This was a good effort and it had a lot of support, and even bipartisanship. We need to work on impeachment, but that will be even harder for now. Let's have a good showing in DC on the 24th! It looks like we will - there will be multiple buses from Chapel Hill I think, and I would assume from Durham also, and this level of interest is probably mirrored across the country.

On the petition campaign, I want to present it to Price in October and I hope we can get lots of signatures on the Triangle's buses on the 24th. Are there going to be Raleigh buses and does anyone know who's organizing those?


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Patrick Meagher (southplumb) said...

Come on everyone who was at the July 23rd event, etc., we need more traffic here, otherwise there will just be blog spam comments. I know there is more local interest out there!