Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Defending liberty and peace this week

Below are three notices, about a protest for Sami al-Arian, a hunger striking political prisoner held at Butner, on the 24th, a day of action against the Military Commissions Act Wednesday (local petition on at www.petitiononline.com/stopMCA.petition.html), and an urgent need for calls to Price against war funding. [When I first posted this I forgot to mention, today there were student strikes against the War at UNC and local high schools. Also, NC Stop Torture Now is having a protest and press conference at 2pm on Wednesday (the 21st) at the Legislative building in Raleigh.]

Sami al-Arian

Join Lady Liberty to Free Palestinian Sami Al-Arian, 4 years in Prison 10 AM- noon, March 24 ,off I-85 N at Exit 189
(take exit and turn left onto NC 1103 toward Butner, NE of Durham)

Demonstration will aim to set up on the SW quadrant of the intersection. There is a I-85 service road along the exit ramp to access I-85 going south where parking looks feasible.

Attire: orange jumpsuits, black hoods, orange T-shirts
Needed: Large signs and banners to be visible from I-85
Carpools: Call [ X ]

Mileage for Lady Liberty from Cary: 31 miles, 41 minutes
Durham: 17 miles, 25 minutes
Chapel Hill: 29 miles, 37 minutes

Please come with concerned friends,

Sami Al-Arian has been a prisoner since February 20, 2003.

Dr. al-Arian, a Palestinian who taught computer science at the University of South Florida, stopped eating Jan. 22 to protest a judge's decision to hold him indefinitely after he refused to testify before a Virginia grand jury. March 17 is the 55th day and he has lost 52 pounds. Officials at the Federal Medical Facility in Butner have told al-Arian that they will begin force feeding if his condition worsens, according to his attorney, Peter Erlinder. Supporters of al-Arian have asked Gonzales to deport al-Arian before his scheduled release from prison in April.

During a six-month trial in 2005, prosecutors labeled al-Arian a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which the United States calls a foreign terrorist organization. The trial ended in an acquittal on some counts and a hung jury on others. Prosecutors and al-Arian had agreed to deportation as a part of the plea deal. Erlinder declined to say where al-Arian would be deported. In a plea bargain last April, al-Arian admitted to conspiring to aid Palestinian Islamic Jihad and was sentenced to nearly five years in prison, although he got credit for the time he had already served. Al-Arian and his attorneys said that the plea deal also exempts him from testifying before a grand jury in Alexandria, Va., which is investigating Islamic charities in northern Virginia.

His five children were all born in the U.S. and the family lived in Raleigh for a period of time. I believe two of his children attended NC State University.

Read http://www.freesamialarian.com/home.htm for more information.

Dear [ X ],

On Wednesday, March 21, join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and millions of our allies throughout the U.S. in an overwhelming grassroots repudiation of the Military Commissions Act! To ensure this effort's success, the BORDC has teamed up with other organizations including the ACLU, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, the
Presbyterian Church, and Public Citizen, each of which will take responsibility for a day the week of March 19-23.

The Military Commissions Act (MCA):

* Legalizes the President's ability to name anyone in the world an "unlawful enemy combatant" and to detain them indefinitely, denying them basic rights, including due process of law,
* Denies habeas corpus--the right for a detainee to challenge his or her detention before an impartial judge--to anyone who is not a U.S. citizen,
* Allows detainees to be convicted on the basis of secret and hearsay evidence, and testimony gained from the detainee through torture and coercion, and
* Permits the executive branch to ignore the Geneva Conventions.

The Message: Please phone both your Senators and your Representative
and urge them to:

* Co-sponsor legislation restoring habeas corpus and other
fundamental rights abolished by the MCA (see bill numbers below).
* Seek out Republican co-sponsors for legislation restoring habeas corpus.
* Hold hearings on legislation that would repeal key provisions of the MCA.
* Speak out publicly on the importance of a thorough restoration to
our vanishing rights.

Proposed Legislation includes bills to restore or preserve habeas corpus and bills to partially dismantle the Military Commissions Act (MCA).

Bills that take large steps towards dismantling the Military Commissions Act: S. 576 (Sen. Christopher Dodd) and H.R. 1415 (Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Jane Harman), Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, would not only restore the right of habeas corpus for those detained by the United States, but would also do the following:

* Prohibit testimony gained by torture or coercion,
* Narrow the definition of enemy combatant,
* Reassert the Geneva Conventions,
* Provide for expedited judicial review of Military Commissions Act

Bills that would restore habeas corpus alone:

* S. 185 (Senators Patrick Leahy and Arlen Specter), the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007, would restore the right of habeas corpus for those detained by the United States.
* H.R. 1416 (Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Jane Harman), Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007 (House version of Senate bill S. 185 above).
* H.R. 267 (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee), the Military Commissions Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007, would restore the right of habeas corpus for those detained by the United States.
* H.R. 1189 (Rep. David Wu), To Preserve the Right of Habeas Corpus, would restore the right of habeas corpus for all U.S. legal residents.

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard!

* Visit http://bordc.org/threats/mca-call-in.php for talking points and a link to a flyer you can print and distribute.
* On Wednesday, May 17, 2006, call the Capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121, and ask the operator to connect you (24 hours a day) or call your legislators directly (find their Washington office phone numbers at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/).
* For more information about the MCA, visit

Please forward this message widely, and don't forget to call your Senators and Representative during the week of March 19-23. You can call more than once!

Thank you for all you do!

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee:
Nancy Talanian, Director
Hope Marston, Organizer, West Region
Mohamed Elgadi, Organizer, East Region
Meredith Gray, Administrator

Price votes to enable the Iraq War

Last Thursday the Supplemental Appropriations bill passed in the House Appropriations Committee, and Price voted for it. It sets a deadline for the War, after which it will be unlawful, but the bill does not cut off funding after that date, so it could continue. The entire House will vote on it this week, so anti-war citizens need to let Price know what we think.

Price's office numbers:

Washington Office
Phone: 202-225-1784
Fax: 202-225-2014

Phone: 919-859-5999
Fax: 919-859-5998

Phone: 919-688-3004
Fax: 919-688-0940

Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-967-7924
Fax: 919-967-8324

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cooperate against the Bush agenda

I posted this on my other blog, durhamspark.blogspot.com, and I'm reporting it here because it is related to the impeachment movement.  Progressives need to cooperate against the reactionary right, and I think impeachment is a key campaign to unite around.  Impeachment is larger than the progressive community, though, and should include Bush opponents on the right who agree that the opposition should cooperate to remove Bush and Cheney.  That said, progressives are probably the largest group working for impeachment, possibly along with Libertarians.   
As Americans meet this month to protest the Iraq War on the anniversary of its start four years ago, we should look at the links between opposition to the War and other progressive causes, and if there is a root cause of the War that we should organize to change.   The unity of these causes was highlighted at the NC NAACP's large Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HK on J) demonstration in Raleigh last month, with its 14-point platform, addressing racial justice, the War, conservation, fair elections, democracy in the workplace, and other progressive campaigns (see www.ncjustice.org ).  Over the years, many have called for unity and tried to facilitate it.  Nationally, it was behind the Million Worker March in DC in the fall of 2004, attempts at anti-war unity, and the broadened demands of the Millions More March in 2005, a sequel to the Million Man March.  


The Bush Administration represents the conservative agenda, in the interests of Big Business, the rich, Christian fundamentalists, and other reactionaries who want to make the current system worse (for the majority of Americans, that is).   Who the Administration serves can be seen by considering the origins of its members in the Nixon and Reagan administrations and their positions on corporate boards (especially in the oil industry) when out of office.   Consider how they have governed, such as Bush's signing statements saying what Congressional decisions he chooses to consider laws, Cheney's heavily business influenced, and secretive, energy taskforce, the attempt to weaken the Clean Air Act and allow more arsenic contamination of drinking water, war serving the interests of the energy industry, etc.   Also consider their tactics, such as lying to Congress and the people on Iraq, harassing and criminalizing activists, retaliating against government critics and whistleblowers, apparently using assassination against opponents in Puerto Rico and overseas, and allegedly fixing elections and aiding or shielding al Qaida and its allies, such as government factions in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  


To answer this challenge, we needs a movement representing the populist and democratic agenda, represented at events such as the NC Peace and Justice Coalition's protest tomorrow in Fayetteville.   This is a movement that is for upholding the UN Declaration of Human Rights and our Constitution and laws, democracy in the economy, helping the disadvantaged to beat poverty and poor circumstances, healthcare for all, a progressive tax code, protecting the Bill of Rights, giving ordinary people more opportunity to govern themselves, fair trade, fair and just relations with other nations, preserving biodiversity, a livable and humane society, and sustainable development that preserves the environment and our livelihoods.   The conservatives are trying to rollback the relatively few progressive gains won in the USA and the world, we should fight for a new program of progress.            


At the least, this calls for changes in society, and I would say that to realize these goals we have to remake the government and economy, otherwise there will be little progress on these goals and they will later easily be dismantled. I call this socialism, but regardless of whether people agree or not, progressives and populists must discuss a framework to realize and establish our proposals, and one that is American and fits our country today.  


This movement needs to be based on the working class of the USA, which the vast majority of Americans belong to, in one gradation or another.   Workers are the people who most benefit from what progressives are fighting for and workers' unions and other groups lead many campaigns on these demands.   Workers also have the power to realize these ideals, unlike other progressive sections of society.   The Republican Party has been able to frame issues in a way that makes many people vote for politicians who say the 'right' thing in the "Culture War" (for conservatives) but don't do anything about it, while pushing through policies for business that hurt the workers who voted for them.   If there were better alternatives, leading more people to participate in politics for the first time, we could beat the Republicans and "centrist" Democrats, and re-frame the political debate in this country.  


Another necessary alliance is between the majority white and white-collar campaigns existing now, and activists and communities of color, and those fighting for progress in other countries.   If white progressives and the progressive black, Latino, native, and immigrant communities in this State united, we could make great advances politically.   Whites need to consult with other communities, consider their desires, and work for more mutual involvement.   Other groups should also work towards multi-ethnic organizing, that recognizes the importance of class in politics (and lack of class consciousness among all ethnicities is part of the reason we have Republicans in power today), along with the usual, and just, demand for freedom for oppressed ethnic, cultural, sexual, and other minorities.  


We shouldn't be blind to, or afraid to recognize, people in other countries who either agree with us, are potentially allies, or unwittingly help the progressive cause, even if they are not progressive themselves.   For example, nationalists (as opposed to those who are causing sectarian splits) in the Middle East are fighting the same enemy as we are, the occupation and oppression of their countries by a US government (or its close allies, such as Israel and Turkey) run by and for the wealthy.   On the other hand, we share some priorities with the British Labour Party, such as concern about climate change, but it is aiding the Bush Administration and its leader thinks the West can and should overthrow any government it opposes.   This ignores serious conflicts of interest and the wishes of the people of those nations.  For example, Saddam Hussein was once a US ally, and Bush and Blair haven't built an Iraqi democratic republic at the point of a gun yet.   All opponents of the Administration aren't allies of ours, but some are, whether they mean to be progressive or not.  Regarding our international progressive allies, United Electrical union, local 150, representing NC public workers, eloquently argues for internationalism, and has several campaigns that include solidarity between workers from different countries.   For example, UE called for workers' and community organizations, and the working class as a whole, to "understand international law, international human rights standards, and international outreach and solidarity as fundamental to their rights and existence inside the United States" in the May/June 2005 International Worker Justice Campaign Bulletin.          


This is a progressive movement, but where possible activists should reach out to people who partially agree, and groups that are split between progress and reaction, such as small business owners and low skill workers hurt by immigrant competition or environmental policies.   We should welcome people who partially agree with a progressive platform, such as the left of the Republican Party, and Libertarians (who are often anti-war and pro-impeachment, while also being anti-union and against social welfare).   But the backbone of a progressive movement has to be workers, oppressed groups, and the disadvantaged.  We won't all agree on every issue, but surely we can create a common platform that we can rally around.   We all need to listen to each other and be willing to make sacrifices to create a basis for common action, so our efforts can reinforce each other and present an alternative that will shift us away from the increasingly conservative US and international political climate.   Anarchists, autonomists, communists, democrats, greens, liberals, minority nationalists, moderates, populists, republicans, socialists, syndicalists, and activists for progressive causes need to work for principled cooperation for shared goals.   Those at the left end of the spectrum should avoid being so ideologically 'purist' that they isolate themselves.  Progressive people closer to the "centrist" Democratic Leadership Council (right) end of the spectrum, should think about how well these so-called liberals have done in defending and implementing progressive ideas.  


Cooperative action can be expanded further through issue-based coalitions.  For example, it might be hard bring socialists and libertarians together to fight for both civil liberties and economic democracy, but they can ally on civil liberties.   The issue of economic civil rights can be left to the broad progressive coalition.              


How do we establish unity? 


We need to organize united fronts locally, by municipality, county, and Congressional district.   County and city efforts could be similar to the Durham People's Alliance.   To unite the entire State, we need Statewide conferences and communication.   Now is the time to make proposals.  The NCPJC has justice in its name, and the anti-war movement increases its voice by winning over workers and minority allies, so it could take up this call.   The NAACP is already working on this.  The Green Party could potentially help craft a progressive platform.  Democratic Party groups could help, as long as it is not just for partisan electoral gain and controlling.   The Democratic Party has the support of many very progressive people, but unfortunately it is often not very progressive as a group, and becomes less progressive the further ones goes from the grassroots.   We will fail if we depend on it or put "anyone but X" before standing for progressive demands.  Perhaps an electoral campaign could help organize common cause, but again, it has to be bigger than just electing that candidate, in case he or she loses, and the effort can't be top down and only electoral, if that candidate wins.   Next we need to develop a Statewide, and eventually a national, structure.  In all of this we need to campaign at the grassroots and in the streets, but we also need a third party that will resolutely take the platform that comes out of this grassroots organization into elections.   I don't have all of the answers, but I would ask these groups, what will you do to facilitate united action?  I've tried to contribute through uniting Bush opponents in the local impeachment movement and Durham progressives in the People's Alliance, and fostering socialist and communist cooperation in the Triangle Socialist Forum.       


We need to work on many issues.  I suggest that in addition to ending the Iraq War and defending our current democratic institutions and laws, impeaching Bush and Cheney is a political demand that unites progressives and other opponents of the Bush agenda.  


It is up to us, the non-elite (the elite having gotten us into this mess, and the worst elites being those backing Bush), whether we limit ourselves to particular issues and the current options, or fight to change the system.   Eventually we will bring the Iraq War to some conclusion, but will we miss the opportunity to end this rotten system, revealed in events like Bush's wars, the Gulf Coast disaster, and Iran/Contra, or will we fight to make it so this is the last time the US government is taken over by and for the benefit of corporate power?   As a small step, think of this when you go to the discussions the NCPJC organizes at the Fayetteville demonstration, or on buses to the protest in DC, or at local events.  
Contact me, or reply here, to discuss this further. 

Latest Administration offenses + upcoming demos

A lot has happened recently, continuing the Bush Administration's pattern of criminality and contempt for democracy.  Libby was indicted and the media actually highlighted calls for Cheney to resign.  Then this week the firing of the US attorneys led to calls for Attorney General Gonzales to resign.  The Administration has the right to fire the district attorneys he appointed, but this is the first time so many have been removed at once, in the middle of a term, and seemingly because they were not being properly partisan.  Now it has been revealed that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says he was behind the 9/11 attacks, etc.  There are many problems with this alleged confession.  Even the 9/11 Commission thought his statements in detention were suspect and possibly exaggerated.  And he was reportedly tortured, which is how a government gets false confessions from people.  Even worse, the media refuses to point out that he is apparently connected to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, one of many connections between the ISI and 9/11.  Given the involvement of US allies and the US government in supporting al Qaida terrorism, I also find it suspect and one-sided that the Sudanese government was just found culpable in the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.     
You can join the effort to stop the Administration's central crime, the Iraq War and the "Global War on Terror" by going to upcoming demonstrations (see the NC Peace & Justice update below).  I took out most of the contact information below, in case it is not posted publicly elsewhere; contact me at southplumb at gmail dot com for the info.  I might not be able to reply in time for the 3/17 events though.  
NC Peace & Justice Update, 3/15/2007

> www.NCpeacejustice.org   www.UnitedforPeace.org
> Let This Year Mark the Final Four
> As the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins and we
> cheer our North Carolina teams on to the Final Four,
> we will also fill Carolina streets and Congress's
> voicemail with urgent calls to make this the Final,
> Fourth anniversary of the Iraq War.
> As dozens of people are killed and hundreds wounded
> in Iraq nearly every day, and Congress dithers on
> cutting the funding for the war and setting a
> timetable for withdrawal, thousands of people in
> cities and towns throughout the United States will
> take to the streets to urge Congress and the White
> House to bring all the troops home now and take care
> of them when they get here.
> Please add one of these exciting events to your
> calendar this next week!
> North Carolina: 4th Anniversary of the Iraq War
> Events:
> March 17: Fayetteville Peace March & Rally: 10:00
> Gather at Community Health Center, 12:00 March,
> 1:00-4:00 Rally at Rowan Street Park.
> ( www.fayetteville-peace-rally.org)
> March 17: Support Military Resisters Rally,
> Greensboro, 11 am Governmental Plaza, Greene St.
> Downtown ( ncwcw.blogspot.com)
> March 17: March on the Pentagon, Washington DC
> (Buses from Chapel Hill 919 942-1740
> www.internationalistbook.org; and Charlotte,
> March 19: Vigils in Cities across NC on the 4th
> Anniversary of the War, listed at
> March 20: Student Walk-Out, Rally, and March, 12:00
> UNC's Pit, Chapel Hill ( www.Chapelhillsds.org),
> Critical Mass Bike Ride Against the War from
> Carrboro Town Commons, 12:30
> March 24: Building Peace Rally in Asheville,
> 2:00-4:00 City Hall ( www.wncpeacecoalition.org).
> March 26: Court Date for Students Arrested at Rep.
> David Price's Chapel Hill Office, 9:00 am,
> Hillsborough Court House
> related: March 28: NAACP sponsors the HK on J People
> of Color Legislative Day, Raleigh State Legislature,
> includes Resolution to Bring the Troops Home. Info:
> ncnaacp at gmail dot com
> Next Monday will mark the fourth anniversary of the
> war in Iraq. Across the country, MoveOn members and
> allies will join together at candlelight vigils to
> commemorate this day, honor the sacrifices of our
> troops, and voice our stronger-than-ever call to
> bring them home soon and safe.
> Event List at:
> Fayetteville March and Rally for Peace, Saturday
> March 17, 2007
> Holly Near Headlines Rally, Veterans Caravan to
> Arrive in Fayetteville
> Singer Holly Near has been to Fayetteville before.
> And she'll be back on March 17, 2007, at the
> Fayetteville peace rally.
> In 1971, Holly was part of the legendary FTA tour
> with Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda, and other stars.
> The troupe presented militantly funny shows of
> antiwar songs and skits to wildly enthusiastic
> audiences of GIs and others near military bases
> around the US and across the Pacific.
> "FTA" by the way, stood for "Free The Army" -- among
> some other, less printable versions of the acronym.
> The tour was the basis for an early insurgent
> documentary film by the same name, which was briefly
> released, then suppressed by pressure from high
> places, with the Nixon White House topping the list
> of suspects. (More about Holly at:
> www.hollynear.com)
> Holly will be back in Fayetteville on March 17,
> doing a set of her music to headline the fourth
> annual peace march and rally there. She's eager to
> make a return visit to one of the nation's largest
> army posts, to be part of a growing and vocal
> movement to end the Iraq war a movement which now
> represents the sentiments of most US troops as well.
> Veterans for Peace will launch a veterans caravan,
> bound for the Gulf Coast, from Fayetteville on March
> 17, where the huge task of recovery and rebuilding
> remains far from being finished.  The caravan will
> include representatives from Veterans For Peace,
> Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families
> Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War, signers of
> the Appeal For Redress, and possibly several war
> resisters.  To keep up with Caravan plans:  X. Rally info:
> www.fayetteville-peace-rally.org
> Please join Holly Near and Veterans for Peace in
> Fayetteville on March 17. And please pass this
> message on.
> Rally info: www.fayetteville-peace-rally.org
> The 2007 Fayetteville Peace Program: Pre- March
> Stage Rally Begins @ 10:00 a.m., March @ 12:00,
> Rowan Street Park Program at 1:00 pm (Program also
> online at www.NCpeacejustice.org )
> Seeking Volunteers for "Guernica" Performance in
> Fayetteville
> We are slotted to perform our 10-12 minute piece
> "Guernica" at the Fayetteville march and rally on
> Sat. the 17th. We have a few people to do it with
> but need about 6 more.  If you can come to a
> rehearsal at 1:00 on fri. at the Carrboro town
> commons and are interested in being a part of the
> performance in Fayetteville please get back to us. I
> invite you all to come to the march anyway, which
> solemnly commemorates the 4th year of this unjust
> and illegal war. It starts at noon, though, people
> arrive at the start point at 10:30. We will be
> carrying the Giant Peace Crane and the Green Man.
> Cackalack Thunder will also be there drumming like
> mad.
> This Saturday, March 17, March on the Pentagon!
> Make plans now to join hundreds of thousands of
> veterans, military families, and peace and
> impeachment activists in a nonviolent march for
> peace and impeachment, beginning at 12:00 at the
> Vietnam War Memorial (23rd Street and Constitution
> Ave. NW) and ending at the Pentagon.
> http://www.marchonpentagon.org
> At the assembly site, between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30,
> there will be a pre-march People's Assembly.
> Contingents and organizations will be providing
> information displays and literature tables. We will
> be joined by the famous Bread and Puppet Theater.
> There will be children's activities, including
> sign-making for the march, where our children can
> also pick up anti-war balloons. There will be a
> large Impeach Bush tent with impeachment materials
> and a place for impeachment advocates from around
> the country to gather.
> Greensboro Troop Surge Protesters Found Guilty
> Protestors Argue "Necessity"; File Immediate Appeal
> For Jury Trial
> On March 13, 2007, Seven of the nine protestors
> arrested at a January 11 anit-war demonstration in
> downtown Greensboro were found guilty today of
> impeding traffic; two other protestors will be heard
> on a different date. Upon sentencing by Judge
> Lawrence McSwain the protestors, who argued that the
> seriousness of the situation in Iraq necessitated
> their actions, registered an immediate appeal for a
> jury trial.
> On Saturday, March 17, there is a Support Military
> Resisters Rally in Greensboro, 11 am at Governmental
> Plaza, Greene St. Downtown.  The honored guest who
> needs and deserves our support is Greensboro
> resident Pvt. Terri Johnson, a local military
> resister. (ncwcw.blogspot.com)
> Chapel Hill and Carrboro Events:
> Tuesday March 20: Students for a Democratic Society
> call for a Student Walk-Out, Rally, and March,
> gathering at 12:00 in UNC's Pit (near the student
> union), Chapel Hill ( www.Chapelhillsds.org ).  There
> will also be a Critical Mass Bike Ride Against the
> War, leaving  from the Carrboro Town Commons at
> 12:30
> Monday, March 26 is the Court Date for students
> arrested at Rep. David Price's Chapel Hill Office,
> while protesting continued funding for the war.  The
> court hearing is at 9:00 am, at the Hillsborough
> Court House.  Please come to show your support!
> Asheville Building Peace Rally
> Saturday, March 24: 2:00-4:00 City Hall
> ( www.wncpeacecoalition.org).
> The Price of War in North Carolina:
> As Congress prepares to vote on $100 billion in more
> war spending, NPP brings to the table a new
> state-level publication on what this new price tag
> would mean for your state and congressional
> district.  It also shows the number of dead and
> wounded in each state and what the total amount
> spent on the Iraq War could buy your congressional
> district in children's health insurance, affordable
> housing units and new elementary schools.
> http://nationalpriorities.org/morewar
> Please Call Congress Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!!!
> Call 1-888-851-1879
> Ask to speak to your Representative
> Click here to find out who your Representative is
> [link to:
> http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml ]
> The election that shifted the balance of power in
> Congress last fall was based on one thing: the
> American people's rejection of the Iraq war and the
> policies behind it. Yet many Democrats, as well as
> Republicans, refuse to heed the will of the American
> people, and Congress is poised to approve another
> $93 billion - or more - in supplemental spending
> that will continue and even expand the war.
> The fight to end the war quickly is at a precarious
> point and we need your help. The Democratic
> Leadership announced its plan for Iraq and according
> to early news reports it doesn't go far enough.
> Progressives in Congress are standing strong-pushing
> for a swift, responsible exit that brings the troops
> home by the end of 2007. But Dick Cheney and his
> allies in Congress are on an all-out assault-saying
> that Democrats are "undermining the troops" by
> trying to end the war.1 And some Democrats are
> wavering.
> Can you call your Representative and tell him or her
> that you want our troops home safely this year? They
> won't vote until next week so we still have time to
> affect the final plan and your call could make all
> the difference.
> Other Nonviolent Actions for March, 2007
> Stopping the Supplemental War Budget
> The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance is
> supporting and helping to organize a number of
> nonviolent direct action strategies this month to
> stop the supplemental war budget, and to demand that
> Congress do the people's business - as communicated
> to them last fall and in many subsequent polls,
> marches, rallies and actions - end the Iraq war,
> now! We urge you to consider joining us for the
> following:
> The Occupation Project - A campaign launched by our
> ally Voices for Creative Nonviolence, in which
> groups across the country are nonviolently occupying
> their Representatives' and Senators' offices,
> demanding an end to the war. Find out more at
> http://vcnv.org/
> The Christian Peace Witness - A major ecumenical
> gathering and nonviolent direct action at the White
> House on Friday, March 16. (And you don't have to be
> a Christian or religious to join!) Find out more at
> Declaration of Peace - To commemorate four years of
> war, as well as demand an end to it, our ally
> Declaration of Peace is organizing actions on March
> 16-19, both in Washington DC and around the country.
> Find out more at http://declarationofpeace.org/
> "No Business Before the People's Business!" March 26
> - 29 - The National Campaign for Nonviolent
> Resistance, in coordination with Voices for Creative
> Nonviolence, is organizing several days of
> nonviolent direct action tied to the U.S. Senate's
> consideration of the Iraq War supplemental budget,
> currently expected at the end of March. A variety of
> different nonviolent actions will be organized,
> based on the numbers and intent of those
> participating, as well as on the Senate schedule for
> that week.   If you can join us for these days of
> nonviolent actions, March 26 - 29, either as an
> individual or as an affinity group, please contact
> NCNR, as soon
> as possible. We welcome you to participate one day,
> two days, or for the entire week. (And while it is
> impossible to predict timing, the Senate vote on the
> supplemental could happen earlier rather than later,
> so we encourage people who can't be here the whole
> week to make plans to participate earlier in the
> week, if possible.) As noted, our plans will depend
> on who can attend, and time is short, so please let
> us know of your interest asap by contacting NCNR.
> "Poll: 58 percent want Iraq withdrawal by 2008 or
> sooner," CNN.com, March 13, 2007
> http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/03/13/iraq.poll/
> *** You are Subscribed to the NC Peace and Justice
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PDA impeachment campaign updates

This is the last of three posts that weren't posted because of a Blogger problem.  The others are posted at durhamspark.blogspot.com
Below is an update I received from the Progressive Democrats of America March 2nd.  I'm re-posting it here since it has many useful links.  Locally, GRIM is planning an NC impeachment conference in Durham next month and the Durham Impeach Bush Cheney Meetup group (which is meeting at the Parkwood Branch Library in Durham on the 14th at 7pm) has a plan to get the Durham City Council to vote on an impeachment resolution and is planning to lobby Senator Elizabeth Dole. 
In related news, there will be a meeting / protest against the War at Price's Chapel Hill office today at 2pm, I believe. 


New Clearinghouse For National Impeachment Effort
I could compile links all day but it may be better for you to check this link for all actions building up to April 28th.  There are downloadable flyers and links to actions and events nationwide.  We need all of you more now then ever in this push to bring Impeachment into the light.  There is no lack of evidence only a lack of outrage!  Be sure to read the Campaign Launch Press Release for full details.

Bush Is Over
You can buy a T-shirt or print out your own signs for free.  Please take the time to upload your images to our gallery.

You can also customize your own shirt here

Join the email list at this link to stay up to date on all A28 events and news

March Forth! is a National Day of Action being celebrated in over twenty cities Nationwide
.  Take part in taking back your country!

Sunday, March 4, 2007: In Los Angeles Dennis Loo  co-editor of "Impeach the President", Progressive Democrats of America and World Can't Wait and Clothing of the American Mind will be hosting a  screening of The Bush Crime Commission.  We will be screening short segments of the film and discussing key points of the Military Commissions Act.   There will be wine, music and information so that we can breathe this all in slowly and march forth as we should!

A Special Invitation from Medea Benjamin
Please join us at this critical moment in D.C. for PDA's Grassroots Leadership Conference March 23-25.
PDA Board Member and Afterdowingstreet co-founder David Swanson will be leading a breakout session on oversight/accountability and impeachment on Saturday at 11:45 am!

Rep. Conyers on New Charges of Administration Misconduct
House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers, Jr. (a PDA advisory board member) reacted to dramatic charges from David C. Iglesias, former U.S. Attorney for New Mexico, that he was recently fired because he refused to give in to political pressure from Republicans.

Senate Democrats Seek Testimony From Fired Attorneys
The Senate Judiciary Committee this week will send letters to the dismissed attorneys asking for their voluntary testimony, according to fellow Democrat Charles Schumer of New York.

Democrats Want Troops Out of Iraq if Goals Are Not Met
Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have rallied around legislation that would bring US troops home from Iraq within 6 months if the Iraqi government does not lessen violence there, reports the Associated Press.

Run to the Rock
Video of Beach Impeach Project that mysteriously got pulled from YouTube reposted on ifilm

Beach Impeach Project
We want this happening in 100 cities.

Forward This Link to Invite Others to Join

Contact the Media About Impeachment Coverage

Email your Congress Member and Senators Now

One-Pager for Lobbying Congress for Peace and Accountability

List of Key Committee Chairmen and What We Want From Them

Stop the War Video and Petition

Sign the Impeachment Petition

Sign the Impeachment Pledge

Resources for Organizing Impeachment Events

Find or Create a Congressional District Impeachment Committee

World Can't Wait

Minneapolis, Minnesota  Impeachment Campaign

How to Pass a State or City Resolution

New Mexico Impeachment Campaign

Vermont: Impeachment Campaign

New Jersey Impeachment Campaign

North Carolina Impeachment Campaign

Matthew Gerbasi
Progressive Democrats of America
Impeachment Working Group National Coordinator