Sunday, January 22, 2006

Town hall meeting and the meeting with Price coming up

The petition for investigation of impeachable offenses (especially what is in the 8 Downing Street memos) will be presented to Rep. David Price on the 30th. Thursday, the 26th, at 7pm there will be a meeting at Internationalist Books (405 W Franklin St. in Chapel Hill) to plan the meeting with Price and our strategy for an ongoing and broader grassroots effort for impeachment. There's lots of pay parking and free parking at UNC or probably in a lot on Rosemary St. near the Internationalist. The petition is online at and paper copy locations are mentioned on this blog.

On the limited demand for Price to support investigation of the Downing Street memos he has already shown some support, though he failed to co-sponsor an actual Resolution in committee (the Barbara Lee Resolution of Inquiry). This issue appeals most to the left, but some on the right are talking about impeachment, especially after the revelation of the NSA's most likely illegal domestic surveillance. Price signed on to a letter asking for answers about the NSA spying. I think this is also an election year for Price, so he should be paying more attention to his constitutents and the door is open for someone to run against him if he isn't. Recent polls show that about half of Americans are open to impeaching Bush over lying for the Iraq War (50%) or the domestic spying scandal (52%), this just has to be translated into action in Congress or mass protests that force Bush to resign. If Congress can't impeach Bush it could at least censure him (there is a Resolution to do thatover the NSA spying currently) and be more critical about supporting the Administration.

Friday at 7pm is the Triangle town meeting on Bush impeachment at the Carrboro City Hall (301 W. Main St.), organized by the Orange County Peace Committee and Downing Street Action NC (our group). It will explain impeachment and plan a grassroots strategy. Featured guests and speakers are former Carrboro Alderman Diana McDuffee, UNC Law Professor Emeritus Dan Pollitt, civil rights attorney Al McSurely, Carrboro community activist Lucy Lewis, and NCCU's Bel Canto Singers.

The Price meeting is Monday, January 30th, 3:30 to probably 4 at the Chapel Hill office, 88 VilcomCenter, Suite 140, which is in north Chapel Hill off of Weaver Dairy Road near the MLK/Airport Rd.intersection (on the north side of Weaver Dairy Rd.) by the Timberlyne shopping center. Suite 140 is on the west side of the complex and there is free parking. We could meet at 3 or 3:10 outside so people who can't go to the Thursday meeting can hear the meeting plan and share information.

Note about petition circulation: The petition should be available at Internationalist Books and The People's Channel (on the wall) in Chapel Hill and at The Regulator Bookstore (free literature section) and Durham Food Co-op (posted) in Durham. There is not one at The Know Bookstore currently. It is also sometimes available at the Friday peace vigil in Chapel Hill.

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