Thursday, January 05, 2006

Planning Meeting January 5

There will be a meeting today to plan a Triangle town meeting and a possible Friday meeting with Price at 7pm at Weaver Street Market (I think the address is 101 East Weaver Street) in downtown Carrboro. Meet at the end of the Market in the direction of Chapel Hill. There is lots of free parking and I think several bus routes go by Weaver Street.

Someone reserved the Carrboro Town Hall for the event on the evening of the 27th. Dan Pollitt, Emeritus of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, is a confirmed speaker. We have been discussing having a panel format covering the various potentially impeachable offenses of the Bush Administration. The panel could include expert speakers on different issues and local politicians, such as Price, like the format of the town meeting about the Iraq War in Chapel Hill late last year.

This Friday at 2pm Price has time to meet with us in Chapel Hill, so we also need to decide about that.

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