Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meeting Tuesday (today)

We decided to call for a meeting today (Tuesday, the 31st) at 4pm at Weaver Street Market to prepare a press release on the meeting with Price and a plan for activities in February, leading up to the Chapel Hill Town Hall meeting on February 28th and the filing deadline for the House election. I suggested that future meetings be outside of Carrboro and later in the evenings.

The Price meeting went well and we were given over an hour to speak. There were 12 of us, including at least one person each from Raleigh and Durham, the rest being Orange County residents. Office director David Russell and District Director Rose Auman were also at the meeting. Price is especially concerned about domestic surveillance I think, and he supports Al Gore's recent proposals. Price committed to supporting or leading efforts for a special prosecutor or independent committee to gather evidence, but he is unlikely to support Rep. Conyer's legislation to create a select committee on impeachable offenses. He also is reluctant to publicly support impeachment, and says that it is our job to mobilize the grassroots by ourselves, it seemed. There is more to say about the Price meeting, but I'll wait to see what comes up at the meeting to highlight.

Also, right now on CSPAN (channel 60 where I am) there is (or just was) a good panel discussion or conference, "Iraq, Impeachment, and the Bush Administration," with David Swanson (After Downing Street Coalition), Kevin Zeese (Democracy Rising), Ramsey Clark (Vote to Impeach), and a woman panelist I didn't recognize. The panel was held on the 30th, so hopefully it will be rebroadcast at a better time.

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