Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meeting at Price's Durham office in December on impeachment

I'm scheduling a petition delivery meeting with Tracy
Lovett at Rep. Price's Durham office (411 W. Chapel
Hill St, the Mutual Life Building).  Thursday,
December 7th or 14th, at 4 or 5pm is available.  I
think December 7th would be good, since the After
Downing Street Coalition is calling for impeachment
events for Human Rights Day, on the 10th, and I assume
if we meet at 4pm we could talk longer than at 5pm, if
there is more to say.  What do you all think?  
There are more signatures on the first petition (online version at and there is a similar petition 
from over the summer to present.  The situation in Congress has of course
also changed since the last time we met with Price's staff (in Chapel Hill) and
Bush has pushed further against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
(for example, with the Military Commissions Act, which can be used against
citizens).  As I said, I don't expect a lot from Price on
truly holding Bush accountable, but maybe something has changed, and it is
necessary to show what we think, even if it is not yet enough to move Price to act. 

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