Friday, November 17, 2006

Changes to DSA-NC

There is now a new mission statement, reflecting my view that impeaching Bush and others is necessary, but that many leading Democrats must answer for their actions (or inactions). Now that the Democrats control Congress, it is definitely their duty to oppose Bush's bad policies, and they will be more to blame when the Federal government (inevitably) betrays democratic principles.

I had hoped that this blog would be a hub for the local impeachment movement, but instead it has been more like a personal impeachment blog. I'm still open to the option of a joint effort. I hope to increase the originality of content, usefulness of commentary, and regularity of postings on Downing Street Action. Thank you to the people who do read and post here. The struggle to hold Bush accountable is mainstream now, through the work of GRIM and other local and national groups.

I changed the official name of the blog. I decided against using After Downing Street, but I didn't get around to changing it here. It's time to stop copying the After Downing Street Coalition's name! It could be time for an entirely new name, but I say keep DSA-NC, because that is the name in circulation and it commemorates the start of our local movement.

The old header is:

This blog grew out of the Chapel Hill, NC meeting on the July 23, 2005 day of action on the Downing Street memos (called by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. and the After Downing Street Coalition). This is a site for discussing and organizing action on the Downing Street memos and the impeachment of Bush & Co in North Carolina.

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