Thursday, November 16, 2006

Impeachment events around Human Rights Day, December 10th

This is another message from David Swanson, of the After Downing Street Coalition, sent Tuesday the 14th.  The local Grass Roots Impeachment Movement ( ) is already using some of the tactics called for below.  The meeting at Rep. Price's office in Durham to present more petitions will probably be around December 10th. It might be on a Thursday in the late afternoon. 

Now that the Democrats control Congress impeachment is more likely, but we still face an uphill battle.  Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others have already rejected impeachment (or say they do).  I think Rep. Brad Miller rejected it (see the post about the CCR video showing in the summer).  Price might vote for impeachment, but I'm sure he won't be in the lead on it.  If the members of Congress do their Constitutional duty and impeach, it is likely they will be soft on Bush and others, since many Democrats in Congress support some of the illegal and anti-democratic policies pursued by the Bush Administration.  For example, many supported the attack on Iraq.  The Bush Administration was lying in its case for War, but many Democrats ignored the evidence that Bush was lying and these Democrats wanted "regime change" anyway.  Some wanted a UN Security Council seal of approval and a stronger coalition, but they still wanted to wage a war of aggression against a developing country that was not a threat to the USA and did not have weapons of mass destruction or ties to al-Qaida (unlike 'our allies' Pakistan and Saudi Arabia).  Many Democratic politicians are still advocating increased force in Afghanistan (instead of in Iraq) and harsh measures, possibly military force, against Iran and the DPRK (meanwhile some Democrats, such as Price and I think Miller, voted for Bush's nuclear deal with India, rewarding India for violating the non-proliferation treaty).  The Democrats might be more firm on Bush's signing statements and actions against Congressional oversight - we'll see.      

From David Swanson:

Can you modify any elements of this you want to use and send to the largest list you have? 



Plan Events on December 10th, Human Rights and Impeachment Day

December 10 is Human Rights Day, and this year we're making it Human Rights and Impeachment Day. Slogan: "Putting Impeachment on the Table."

We encourage you to organize a town hall forum or rally on this day for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

You can create a public listing of your event here. You will be able to communicate with the people who sign up for your event, and to edit the listing for your event, changing or filling in details later.

You can view existing events and sign up to attend one here.

Here is a list of available speakers with their contact info.

Be sure also to invite your Congress Member or newly elected future Congress Member to speak.

Here are resources that will make your event easy and effective.


Collect Signatures on Petitions
Collect millions of them, especially in front of your Congress Member's offices. Use this to build local organizations as well as a national list of names.


Join a Congressional District Impeachment Committee
Organize locally to lobby your Representative:


Pass State and Local Resolutions
Pass impeachment resolutions in your town or city, state, political party, or labor union. Use the petitioning (above) to help make this happen:


Be a Media Activist
Work the media for impeachment:


Talking Points and Other Resources to Assist You


Impeachment Conference Call November 13, 2006
81 organizers and activists from across the country took part in a conference call Monday evening to discuss upcoming actions to advance the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. You can listen to the 90-minute call to catch up and get involved. We'll post the transcript and notes ASAP.


Audio and Video from Philadelphia on Veterans Day
Here is video of our impeachment movement launch:

Here is audio:


We Now Have Shirts With Long Sleeves


Invite the Bush Chain Gang to Your Town
Reduce fear and roadside trash: put them to work. /chaingang.cfm

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