Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Meeting with Price today

I apologize for the short notice - the meeting with Price is actually 3:15-4pm, not at 3:30 (though people could arrive late, if they can't come earlier) on Tuesday at his Chapel Hill office. I think Price mainly wants to talk about the NSA surveillance (heset up this meeting), which he seems to see as Bush'smost impeachable crime. He co-sponsored H.Res. 643 about this and he signed on to a letter written byRep. Conyers.

There will be a pre-meeting at 2:15 at Cup A Joe'sacross Weaver Dairy Rd. from Price's office to preparefor the meeting and discuss anything we didn't go overSaturday. Updates will be placed here and maybe also atwww.davidpricewatch.org.

Soon there will be a group meeting, possibly thisweekend, with Kent Kanoy, a Democrat challenging Pricefrom the left, to decide about the non-partisan Grass Roots Impeachment Movement's stance on his candidacy.

The Chapel Hill town meeting on the case forimpeachment will be on the 28th (with outreach tospecific Democratic candidates from other districtsand challengers to Price, etc.) and we hope toorganize a town meeting in Durham in March, maybe atthe Hayti Heritage Center, and possibly other actions.Price is having town meetings in Cary and Durham (Ithink on the 21st) next week. Possibly later in theyear there will be public actions. Another issue toorganize around is phone company participation in thewarrantless surveillance.

We will have a presence at the SURGE Conference thisweekend at NCCU and the March 18th anti-war demonstration in Fayetteville through Peace 1st.

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Andrew G. Silver said...

IDEA FOR ESCALATING IMPEACHMENT MOVEMENT (should be subject line, but can't find how to start new subject)

While a few thousand Americans are actively organizing to demand impeachment, millions would passively support it. Problem is how to turn the passive support into action, or, at least, a coherent voice. I suggest doing it the way it was done in Ukraine - where all opposed to election fraud wore orange - or Byelorussia where it is proposed that all who wish now to bring down the dictator wear blue jeans. I suggest a color - as I, for one, would not look good, or be able to got to work in, blue jeans. I should like a nationwide decision to be made on a color to wear to support impeachment of George Bush, and for supporters to wear the color either every day or on one day of the week, say Friday, which would become the impeachment day of the week. Since we already have code pink, but a lot of guys might not be willing to wear pink, or have anything pink to wear, I would suggest red-to-pink, as there would be a range of shades, anyway. Wouldn't it become unavoidable to ignore the impeachment movement if, on every Friday, millions of people wore red-to-pink?