Friday, March 10, 2006

A quick update

The impeachment town meeting at the Chapel Hill Town Hall February 28th went well and had about 150 participants. There were some issues about the format to improve for next time. Kent Kanoy, the pro-impeachment challenger to Price, attended. The weekend before Price released the letter to Bush he co-sponsored with Rep. Loefgren. The letter asked for a special counsel to investigate the legality of the NSA wiretapping. It was almost immediately rejected, and the Administration said the source of the leak should be the object of investigation. That letter was the main topic at the second meeting we had with Price (I'll post details about that and possibly the letter in question later on).

There will be a town meeting in Hillsborough March 21st at 7pm. We are trying to set up a meeting in downtown Durham for April. Possibly impeachment could be part of International Workers' Day/May Day events this year.

There might be a plannning meeting soon, possibly in Cary.

We might get a proper website soon. In the meantime, David Price Watch's impeachment section might be opened soon (that website is

A side project is a discussion of setting a day when people can wear a certain color or symbol for impeachment every week.

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