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Impeachment debate rescheduled to 1/15

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NEWS AND CALENDAR ALERT:  December 3, 2007
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Historic Fein-Tomasky Debate on Impeachment Re-Scheduled to January 15, 2008.

     The Coalition for the Constitution has re-scheduled the Historic Debate between Republican Constitutional Attorney Bruce Fein and liberal journalist Michael Tomasky until Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

       Mr. Fein worked in Pres. Reagan's Justice Department, and helped draft the articles of impeachment against Pres. Clinton. He has always been an advocate for the United States Constitution and, recently, for charging (impeaching) Pres. Bush and V. Pres. Cheney for their multiple violations of it.  Bill Moyers featured Fein on his PBS program.

       His opponent in the debate, liberal journalist Michael Tomasky is the Editor of Guardian America.  He recently wrote a much-quoted Washington Post essay that said impeachment is the stupidest thing Democrats could do.  

       Fein, who has been ill, and the Coalition for the Constitution agreed this morning to re-scheduling the historic debate.  W. Hodding Carter III, UNC Professor of Leadership and Public Policy will serve as debate moderator on January 15, 2008.  

         The historic debate had been set for December 11th at the Chapel Hill Town Hall.  But due to the high level of local and regional interest in the Debate, the Coalition for the Constitution has decided to find a larger auditorium and more sponsors.  The Debate is modeled after the historic Lincoln-Douglas debates 150 years ago.

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