Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bill Clinton in Wake County Thursday

I saw in the Herald-Sun today that President Bill Clinton is going to be at private events to raise money for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid Thursday, at the Brier Creek Country Club.  The cost is $1000 dollars per person, or $2300 per person for the cozier reception.  It is not exactly comparable, but I notice that the Republicans' event Wednesday at the Hope Valley Country Club for their current two candidates against Rep. Price in next year's election is $15 dollars per person.  
Bush and Co., and their enablers (like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Dole, Burr, and very distantly, Reps. Price, Miller, and Etheridge), should be the main targets of protest now, as Rove was at Duke on the third, but should Clinton get off so easily?  He committed more acts of aggression around the world than Bush has so far, though Bush's acts are graver.  Even worse than Clinton's bombing of a vital medical plant in Sudan, most of the 13 years of sanctions against Iraq were under Clinton's watch.  I think the usual estimate is that 1.5 million Iraqis died because of those sanctions, in addition to the sanctions' effect on the health and education of the survivors.  There is also what happened in Waco, Texas.     
The Clinton and Bush administrations are even more alike in corruption and conspiracy around terrorist attacks in the US if The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, written by a British journalist, is true.  That book alleges, among other things, that the Clintons were involved in the drug trade in Arkansas, that Vince Foster was murdered for political reasons (if I recall that part correctly, but it was argued that he was murdered and it was covered up, including by the Kenneth Starr investigation), and that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) knew the Oklahoma City Bombing was going to occur, did not prevent it (possibly they were outfoxed), and have now covered it up.  Government complicit in 9/11 would be even worse if true, because of the magnitude and the deliberate exploitation for a predetermined agenda, but both are horrific crimes against the American people and complicit should destroy confidence in the security apparatus of the executive branch.  I am less knowledgeable about the resulting security crackdowns in the 90's, but Oklahoma City provided Clinton with his own "Patriot Act" moment.  Just as Bush and Co. face potential prosecution for war crimes, Clinton and Co. (and Tony Blair) might also at some point, in their own international court even, at least in a more just world.       

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