Sunday, April 08, 2007

Solidarity with the impeachment campaign in Hawaii

An impeachment activist from Hawaii has requested the help of people here in getting the Hawaiian legislature to consider an impeachment resolution.  If it passes, it will force the US Congress to consider impeachment.  We need to contact Hawaiian senators Clayton Hee and Kokubun before this Friday.  The email does not include their contact information, but I'm sure it can easily be found through Google or any search engine.  This was sent over the GRIM listserve, so I assume it can be publicly posted (let me know otherwise and I will edit out whatever needs to be confidential). 
> Subject: URGENT ACTION NEEDED ON Hawaii SCR 83 requesting impeachment
> Aloha,
> I live way out in Honolulu and I have been fortunate
> enough to suggest and help draft for the Hawaii State
> Senate, Senate Concurrent Resolution 83, requesting
> Congress to commence impeachment proceedings against
> the President and the Vice President of the United
> States.
> The deadline for this resolution to make it through
> the Hawaii State Judiciary and Labor Committee is
> Friday the 13th. Senator Clayton Hee is the chair and
> he decides whether or not it will be heard. He has
> waffled a bit on this and is very clearly seeking a
> great deal of attention to be paid to this if he is
> going to hear it. Hence my desperately late letter to
> you to ask people on your list serve to sign a
> petition, call, or write letters to Senator Hee, the
> Vice-Chair Senator Kokubun and the other committee
> members before this thing dies in committee! It might
> actually work here in one of the most liberal states
> in the Union, but its got to get through this
> committee first!
> It does not matter that you and those you might be
> able to get to help call or write are not Hawaii
> residents, this Senator (and frankly this issue) needs
> national attention for action to take place.
> Below is a proposed draft letter. PLEASE get back to
> me on this ASAP. The local media wants to do a story
> on it too, but only if Sen. Hee agrees to hear the
> resolution. But unless people know about the
> resolution, they wont contact him to ask him to hear
> it...
> Dear Senator,
> If a state legislature forwards a bill or a resolution
> on impeachment to the Congress of the United States,
> then the Congress must act. I urge you to hear Senate
> Concurrent Resolution 83 before the JDL committee.
> This resolution reflects the sentiment of a growing
> number of people in the State of Hawaii and in the
> nation at large, and the people and the sentiment of
> the people should be heard.
> Considering this resolution before your committee can
> only strengthen our democracy by fostering a much
> broader national debate on the importance of holding
> he executive branch of our federal government
> accountable for its actions and will send a strong
> message to future Presidents and Vice-Presidents of
> the United States that they are not above the law.
> Please do not shy away from making the State of Hawaii
> politically relevant on the national level and hear
> SCR 83 before your committee before it's too late!
> Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.
> [ML]
> Honolulu, HI

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