Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There's still time for the impeachment bill

Judging by past experience, the impeachment bill is dead, but there is still hope, and there is a local Democrat (Watt) who can be pressured to support it.  This message is from the NC Progressive Democrats of America 
Impeachment back on the table:  The House Judiciary Committee now has the bill introduced by Rep. Kucinich.  Impeachment activists are asked to call all members of this committee and ask them to sign on to impeachment and investigate the crimes of Dick Cheney.  The bill has been re-introduced as H.R. 799.  One member of the Judiciary Committee is Representative Mel Watt from NC Congressional District 12. He is a Democrat.   His number is 202-225-1510 – please call and ask him to sign on and investigate HR 799.

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