Thursday, June 21, 2007

Protecting and expanding democracy, July 2nd meeting

The event below, marking July 4th by looking at what has been left undone in the way of democracy and equality since the first US revolution, will involve some discussion of the Bush Administration's crimes, impeachment, and the problems with Congressional leadership, so I am posting it here.  The Durham impeachment meetup met earlier Wednesday, mainly discussing whether to demand that Attorney General Gonzalez be impeached.  GRIM is meeting this Sunday in Chapel Hill.  The Durham Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which is about civil liberties mainly, is meeting Saturday, I think at 3pm at the Southwest Library. 
Mark the July 4th national liberation of the USA by
joining a discussion Monday, July 2nd at 7pm at
Internationalist Books in Chapel Hill (405 W. Franklin
St.) about the need for revolutionary political and
economic change to make the country more democratic,
fair, prosperous, and sustainable.  How can we remove
Bush and Cheney for their proven crimes?  Whose
interests control politics?  Is monopoly capitalism
serving most Americans well?  How can we live up to
our democratic and progressive ideals?

Now is the time to discuss this, as Bush leads an
an anti-democratic reaction, and at a time when we
celebrate America's revolutionary birthday.

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