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PDA impeachment campaign updates

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Below is an update I received from the Progressive Democrats of America March 2nd.  I'm re-posting it here since it has many useful links.  Locally, GRIM is planning an NC impeachment conference in Durham next month and the Durham Impeach Bush Cheney Meetup group (which is meeting at the Parkwood Branch Library in Durham on the 14th at 7pm) has a plan to get the Durham City Council to vote on an impeachment resolution and is planning to lobby Senator Elizabeth Dole. 
In related news, there will be a meeting / protest against the War at Price's Chapel Hill office today at 2pm, I believe. 


New Clearinghouse For National Impeachment Effort
I could compile links all day but it may be better for you to check this link for all actions building up to April 28th.  There are downloadable flyers and links to actions and events nationwide.  We need all of you more now then ever in this push to bring Impeachment into the light.  There is no lack of evidence only a lack of outrage!  Be sure to read the Campaign Launch Press Release for full details.

Bush Is Over
You can buy a T-shirt or print out your own signs for free.  Please take the time to upload your images to our gallery.

You can also customize your own shirt here

Join the email list at this link to stay up to date on all A28 events and news

March Forth! is a National Day of Action being celebrated in over twenty cities Nationwide
.  Take part in taking back your country!

Sunday, March 4, 2007: In Los Angeles Dennis Loo  co-editor of "Impeach the President", Progressive Democrats of America and World Can't Wait and Clothing of the American Mind will be hosting a  screening of The Bush Crime Commission.  We will be screening short segments of the film and discussing key points of the Military Commissions Act.   There will be wine, music and information so that we can breathe this all in slowly and march forth as we should!

A Special Invitation from Medea Benjamin
Please join us at this critical moment in D.C. for PDA's Grassroots Leadership Conference March 23-25.
PDA Board Member and Afterdowingstreet co-founder David Swanson will be leading a breakout session on oversight/accountability and impeachment on Saturday at 11:45 am!

Rep. Conyers on New Charges of Administration Misconduct
House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers, Jr. (a PDA advisory board member) reacted to dramatic charges from David C. Iglesias, former U.S. Attorney for New Mexico, that he was recently fired because he refused to give in to political pressure from Republicans.

Senate Democrats Seek Testimony From Fired Attorneys
The Senate Judiciary Committee this week will send letters to the dismissed attorneys asking for their voluntary testimony, according to fellow Democrat Charles Schumer of New York.

Democrats Want Troops Out of Iraq if Goals Are Not Met
Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have rallied around legislation that would bring US troops home from Iraq within 6 months if the Iraqi government does not lessen violence there, reports the Associated Press.

Run to the Rock
Video of Beach Impeach Project that mysteriously got pulled from YouTube reposted on ifilm

Beach Impeach Project
We want this happening in 100 cities.

Forward This Link to Invite Others to Join

Contact the Media About Impeachment Coverage

Email your Congress Member and Senators Now

One-Pager for Lobbying Congress for Peace and Accountability

List of Key Committee Chairmen and What We Want From Them

Stop the War Video and Petition

Sign the Impeachment Petition

Sign the Impeachment Pledge

Resources for Organizing Impeachment Events

Find or Create a Congressional District Impeachment Committee

World Can't Wait

Minneapolis, Minnesota  Impeachment Campaign

How to Pass a State or City Resolution

New Mexico Impeachment Campaign

Vermont: Impeachment Campaign

New Jersey Impeachment Campaign

North Carolina Impeachment Campaign

Matthew Gerbasi
Progressive Democrats of America
Impeachment Working Group National Coordinator

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