Sunday, October 22, 2006

Discussion of class, government, and the loss of our rights, Nov. 4th

There will be a discussion of class, government, and
Marxism, with a focus on the loss of rights in the USA and the new detainee act,
at 4pm Saturday, November 4th, in the downstairs
conference room of the Chapel Hill Public Library.
There will be a speaker from the Durham branch of the
Bill of Rights Defense Committee, a group working to
safeguard our rights under the Constitution and on
related democratic issues.  Currently it is focused on
the new Military Commission Act, which abolished habeas
corpus and permits torture and military trials, and can be
used against citizens, as well as foreign prisoners.  A
suggested reading is chapter 1 of The State and Revolution,
by Lenin, to discuss how this relates to our current struggles. It is online at

This is part of the non-partisan Triangle Socialist
Forum, open to anyone interested in discussion.  It
was called the Marxist Forum, but members thought
socialist might be a more accessible name to the
general public.  Any updates will be posted at  The next four discussions
will probably be on working class politics, the
national question (focused on whether there is a black
nation, or other nations, within the USA), war and
globalization, and socialism.

Please let other interested groups know about this and let's make it a big meeting!

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