Wednesday, May 03, 2006

David Swanson on WKNC 88.1FM tonight

The other guests on "What's Left" tonight will be Andy Silver, Kent Kanoy, and David Swanson, of the After Downing Street Coalition (!).  People can also call in.  Can anyone from GRIM tape this?  Hopefully I can get a copy from the station if not. 


Dave Sokal said...

Is anyone getting ready to present a petition to the Durham City Council? The next date is May 18th, and you have to send in your request by Monday, May 8. See form at:

Patrick Meagher (southplumb) said...

Thanks for the information. The Grass Roots Impeachment Movement (GRIM) is probably going to start lobbying for resolutions soon and we could start in Durham since you suggested it. The resolution could be based on the resolutions independently passed by Carrboro recently. I also wrote a long resolution based on a 2003 National Lawyers Guild resolution that we could use. It was passed by the Mason Farm Democratic Party precinct in Orange County, but it needs some polishing still. I think there is a draft resolution at too.